You’d be forgiven for forgetting that handbags were once a beloved accessory before 2020. Over the past year and a half we’ve witnessed handbags everywhere thrown to the back of the wardrobe and neglected because no one had any real need for them amidst a global pandemic.

But, just as pre-pandemic life is slowly returning, so too are the handbags and purses we once held so dear.

That’s why fall 2021 fashion trends have placed such a large focus on the handbag and purse as the ultimate statement accessory.

In this article, we have outlined some of the key purse and bag trends observed from the runways and high-street stores to help you navigate the best styles for fall 2021.


One of the key autumn trends for 2021 is quilting. Quilted fabrics were spotted all over the runways in various forms, from jackets and coats to trousers. It is no surprise, then, that this fall 2021 trend is set to extend to handbags and purses.

Quilted bags were a style that consistently showed up across the runways and has now entered circulation. A great example is the Brynn Bag by Stand Studio, which will add a pop of color to your fall wardrobe.

Oversized bags

Oversized bags are another fall fashion trend for 2021. The fall/winter 2021 shows were awash with extra-large bags that were exaggerated in size.

Specifically, oversized leather tote bags are a key trend for fall 2021. This style is perfect for everyday business or casual use – especially for those returning to the office as Covid-19 restrictions are eased.

But many designer leather tote bag options will bring an element of class and sophistication to any fall outfit you might create. Ones to watch this fall include Simon Miller’s large leather tote as well as the Vegan Puffin Tote, Yvonne Kone’s Filippo Bag, and others by Gucci and The Row.

Fluffy Fabric

Another key purse and bag trend for fall 2021 is bags with fluffy textures. This cuddly style has been replicated countless times in the A/W 2021 collections by labels such as Miu Miu, Burberry, and JW Anderson.

It has now entered the high street too and looks like it’s here to stay, with more affordable options available like the Teddy Crossbody by Poketo.

Chain Handles

As mentioned, handbags are the key statement piece this fall. One way to make a statement with your handbag is to get in on the chain handle trend that has swept the A/W 2021 collections.

Thick, exaggerated chain handles on dainty geometric bags by the likes of Stella McCartney and Valentino are a sure-fire way to showcase your style and elevate your wardrobe this fall.

The Coin Purse

Finally, Coach led the way in this trend, exhibiting a plethora of small coin purse bags in their fall 2021 campaign.

This vintage-inspired trend is set to be a fall favorite among those who prefer a practical and timeless look.